Example of How to Make a New Post

Please see this tutorial for help with posting to this site.

Aren’t they ADORABLE! 

Check your email for your user name and password.     Click Below to Watch the Video!

Once you create a post you can always go back in and edit it.

If you need to edit your post you simply log into the site as before and click on the edit button in the upper right-land corner of the post.

This will bring you back to the page editor so you can make any changes you’d like.  Just make the changes and click on the Update button to publish your post.


A quick and easy way to access the administrative site of this site by clicking on the Log In Link on the Right Side Menu of this site (should have said that in the video).

This will bring you to the log-in page to enter your user name and password.  It might be more convenient for you than saving the log-in page to your favorites!



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