The Handing Over the Gavel

We as Division 11 membership want to thank our Past President Shirley Sestric for her years of Leadership!
Also we would like to welcome our incoming Division 11 President Margaret (Peggy) Cooney 2018-2020

Presentation of the Past President pin by our Past VP/State Treasurer Shirley Murphy

Congratulatory handshake

Thanking all

Actual pinning by Div Treasurer/Nat’l Catholic Action

Newly elected Division President Margaret (Peggy) Cooney running her first meeting of her term 2018-2020

Shirley Sestric final pose with her new Past President pin

IMP President Shirley Sestric, New Div President Peggy Cooney, State Treasurer Shirley Murphy picture taken by Division Webmaster Colleen Bowers

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