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Welcome to the L.A.O.H Division 11!

This site is up and running and designed to be an ACTIVE forum for it’s members…but we need content!  What is content?  Content is the stuff that makes a website interesting and valuable to the viewer.  News about upcoming events, schedules, photos, addresses, contact lists, phone numbers, links to other sites, and meeting notes are examples of content.  Your content can be fun or serious, or anything in between.  If you have content or some ideas for content that you would like to see and share on this site then reply to this post and let us know!

There are two addresses that will bring you to this site: and It doesn’t matter which you use, either will bring you here. It should be noted that email addresses for this site use the .org extension.

We’re looking for your feedback to make this site as useful as possible for both our members and visitors to the site.  Please feel free to leave a comment here on the site so that everyone can see it or send a an email to

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