Congratulations to our sister Maggie Cloonan for receiving the PA State LAOH highest honor award

Maggie with her sister Eileen Curran after receiving her award

Maggie & Caire Karpowich (past State President)

Maggie & Nancy Cullen right after presentation

Sue Cosgrove again with Maggie joking around

Colleen Bowers, Elaine Datillo, Glenn Cannon, Maggie, MaryLou Conroy

UElaine Datillo, Glenn Cannon, Maggie

Pat O’Brien, Eileen Curran, Glenn Cannon, Maggie

Div 11 President Shirley Sestric & Maggie

Past AMR Recipient Sue Cosgrove with Maggie

Who’s award is it mmm…., only the recipients know

Sue was going to bring her award plate but Maggie said don’t bother hers is the shiny one. A long standing joke between the two with utmost respect for each other

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